The Troll Club


21st century.


Vancouver, Canada.


The Troll Club is one of the hot night clubs in Vancouver, and caters exclusively to the troll subculture. It consists of a large basement room, reached by steps down from the street. A back door opens on to a blind alley.

A bar stretches the length of one wall; tables and secluded booths line the other walls. Pillars support the ceiling and provide convenient places to lean. Its decor has been described as a mixture of "industrial slum" and "retro catacomb".

The building above the club houses offices, including the office of the club's owner on the second floor.


The Troll Club began life under a different name as part of the rave scene of the 1990s, but changed its name and image soon after troll music took off in the summer of 2011. While never attaining the legendary stature of The Mine, it still gained international reputation as one of the top troll music venues.

A member of staff, Hank Phillips, takes a cut from various illegal activities that take place at the club. These activities are actually run by a dealer known as "TC" (Tomas Banner).

In late 2014, Banner and Phillips were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and smuggling. The future of the club is unknown at this point.

Notable emplotees and Patrons