New Pittsburgh


24th century.


North American Region.


New Pittsburgh is a city of 4.6 million people, located at the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers. The city is of modern design, with high-rise city blocks forming a skyline of gleaming spires, linked by elevated elevated highways, and with plentiful open spaces for leisure. The city is home to the primary campus of the University of North America, which itself covers several city blocks, and most of the city is devoted to support of that facility. The city is considered to be one of the most desirable places to live in the North American Region.


New Pittsburgh is built on the site of the original American city of Pittsburgh, founded in 1758. In 2309 Pittsburgh, then a crumbling and depressed slum of three million people, was completely annihilated by a terrorist weapon of mass destruction. This was before the formation of the Special Police, and was one of the factors that ultimately led to the formation of that organisation, as the population of Earth reacted to the atrocity with horror and outrage.

The World Government dedicated massive effort to rebuilding the city, using the opportunity to bring about a long-held desire to consolidate the disparate university campuses of North America onto a single site. The foundations of the first new buildings were laid, with great ceremony, in 2314, and the new city was officially "opened" in 2319, though construction continued over the following decades. It soon became one of the wealthiest and most desirable locations in the entire North American Region.

As a footnote to this history, in 2348, based on evidence uncovered by the Special Police operative Fennec, the Chancellor of the new university was convicted of being complicit in the terrorist destruction of old Pittsburgh and was sentenced to permanent imprisonment on the penal colony of Titan.


Notable Occupants

No permanent residents of particular note.