Luey's Place


21st century.


Off State Highway 184, South of Bakersfield, California.


Luey's Place is an automobile recharge, service, and repair station owned and operated by Louis Collins (formerly the DICE agent code-named "Luey"). It sits surrounded by woods, down a short access road that is signposted (with a mis-spelt sign) from the main highway.

In appearance, Luey's Place is much like any other slightly run-down garage found anywhere in America in 2014. In addition to the electric charging points, There is a shop, a few outbuildings and a large shed at the back. The shop is a stocked with good assortment of camping and hiking equipment. Collins sleeps in the back room of the main building.

There is copious piled junk on the site: old rusting cars, engines, random metal.

The approach to Luey's Place is covered by vehicle tracking sensors. This allows Collins to indentify vehicles and determine what services they will require while they are still a mile away. Collins maintains a computer link with the major traffic control systems in the region.

In a large shed behind the main station, Collins keeps a partially-functioning Skycycle, which he intermittently works on.


Luey acquired the site following his retirement from DICE and has occupied it for several years.