Thursday 18 September 2014

Alleged Cover-up in Computer Crime Case

In a surprising turn-around, the Los Angeles District Attorney has announced that all charges against three men accused of traffic computer hacking have been dropped.

The three men, whose names were never revealed, were arrested several days ago on suspicion of sabotaging the Los Angeles Central Traffic System earlier this year. Shortly after their arrest it was confirmed that they would be charged with criminal damage offences. This decision has now been reversed. The official explanation is that the evidence against the alleged hackers was insufficient to bring to court.

Soon after this news broke, on-line discussion groups began circulating rumours of a government cover-up, alleging that the three men were joining a long list of suspected hackers who have vanished in mysterious circumstances. A popular myth among Internet users maintains that a secret Federal department is responsible for tracking down and recruiting the cream of the nation's hackers. Allegedly, this department employs Internet experts to monitor cyberspace and protect America's on-line interests. This cyber-myth contends that the existence of the department is not officially acknowledged because it routinely employs illegal and unconstitutional practices in its electronic policing. The government denies the existence of such an organisation. Officially, electronic security falls within the province of the FBI, NSC, and OTEC, all of which are fully-accountable organisations.

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