Update 70

by David Meadows 29. March 2020 19:54

There is no Game running at the moment (if you're reading this currently, you'll know why; if you're reading it in the future and don't know why, where have you been?

So freed of the need to prepare new material every week, I am devoting the time to documenting the old material. Which means I might have half a chance of keeping weekly web site update. I make no promises...

 This week's update sees a new Strikeforce chapter, New Beginning.

This marked some significant shifts in how I ran the Game, which I'll cover in detail in another post. But for now, I will just let the story speak for itself, as this chapter has Strikeforce trying to figure out their new status quo. Plus an epilogue you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS (trying to generate some hype there).

If you haven't been reading the story before, this might be a good starting point as there's a lot of recapping what's already happened.

There are the usual new encyclopaedia and history pages, but none of them are really significant, they are just there for completeness really. They are listed in the update box on the home page of the site.

I'll aim at next Sunday for the next update. I'm pretty sure I should be able to manage it.


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