This is not America

by David Meadows 1. November 2016 20:28

It's important for any writer to research his story, of course. So when I decided to set this story in America, I did extensive research on American culture, society, and geography.

Or, to be specific, I watched a lot of TV.

This setting is not the real America. I have absolutely no idea what the real America is like. The setting I am using is an America filtered through Hollywood. So you might find it looks a little weird and functions a little unrealistically.

This shouldn't actually matter. After all, I'm creating a fantasy. The stage that the characters move across may be loosely based on the real world, but it is definitely not the real world. It is close enough to be understandable, I hope, and it functions as logically as the real world, I hope (not that there's very much logic in the way the real world functions anyway). But in the fine detail, things may get a bit wonky.

I'm armed with a Rand McNally road atlas, a comprehensive encyclopaedia, (with, I admit, a slight British bias), an Internet connection (of dubious real value), and a handful of American friends I can ask if something is really crucial. Everything else I draw from TV, movies, and of course American comic books.

If you need a rationalisation of why something isn't working right, I wave my hand and pronounce that the history of my universe deviated in at least some ways from the history we are familiar with.

So I'm not really going to apologise for anything. But, as always, I'm happy to get feedback on what went wrong.


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