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by David Meadows 18. October 2016 18:25

I really don't understand what purpose it serves.

Now there's a possibility that this comment left on an old blog post is legit:

...but it seems unlikely. It's on a random (and not very interesting) post from four months ago, and the comment is generic and empty of worthwhile content, suggesting the the person leaving it hasn't even read the post.

So I'm left wondering why. It's not advertising anything (which would be the obvious reason for paying some kid in China a fraction of a penny for spamming blogs), there's no URL, there's nothing to indicate it serves a useful purpose for anyone. And yet somebody has gone to the effort of finding my blog, overcoming my (admittedly very simple) bot trap, and writing a random sentence.

What's the point?

Genuine question. I'm am baffled.


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