Scheduling issues

by David Meadows 8. October 2016 20:46

(That's a double meaning. Neat, huh?)

The last couple of weeks saw a blip in the schedule. Partly due to real life intruding, but also because I've run out of material.

A 4000-word Strikeforce chapter takes a couple of evenings to write. A Heroes script takes a little longer (the word count is higher and the structural issues are more complex). I should be able to write one a week, plus a couple of other pages such as news, history, biographies, or whatever. But it's tight, and it's not always possible. I started with a few weeks of pages stockpiled, but I've pretty much burned through them by now.

And there's another factor I didn't take account of when I planned this: putting hyperlinks into all the pages. Everytime I write a new page -- for example, I've just added "Luey's Place" -- I have to go back through every page already on the site and add a link wherever the new page has been referenced (I have a database to track where links are needed, or I'd never manage). Luey's place is referenced in an LA Globe story, in Don's mission reports, and in the 2014 history page, for example, so I had to edit all those pages to make the references into links. When I add Luey himself, I'll have to add links to his bio from all those pages, plus from the Luey's Place page. Plus from any new pages I've written that reference him (and that will happen ,as he's going to crop up again in the stories). So you can see the task grows bigger with every page I add.

There are currently 79 pages on the site, and I have a list of 611, yes six hundred and eleven items (names, dates, places) in those pages that will have to be made into links when I eventually write suitable pages for them to point to. And the number grows each week. All this "housekeeping" is needed to make the site into the fully cross-referenced hypertext fiction and encyclopaedia that I want it to be, but it all takes time -- and more time with each passing week.

So, yes, this is my excuse for the occasional lapse in updating the site. It's not my fault. The dog ate my work. Honest.

(Next week will be fine, as I have Heroes #10 ready to go. After that, no promises.)


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