Update 72

by David Meadows 12. April 2020 19:35

Chapter 30 of Strikeforce introduces an important character to the universe (he's only ever going to appear twice more, but he's vital to the mythology, trust me). Plus: pirates! You really have to read By Hook or By Crook. Go on, it's quite short.

There's also a biography of Aberdeen Angus (bonus points if you can remember his appearance in the Heroes story) and a really short write-up of the 24th century police headquarters. Finally, part of the slowly progressing reorganisation of the history pages bring an overview of the important events of pre-history.


Update 71

by David Meadows 5. April 2020 15:20

This week's new story is issue #30 of Heroes: Dr Smithsteen's Casebook. It's a bit of a mix, because it finishes off one story (and you probably ought to re-read the first part in #29 because it's months since I published it) and then sets up another big storyline, and in between catches up on a long-running background plot (and if anybody knows why Suzi G's story is important you're doing better than me). But really it's not about the plot, it's a character study, and hopefully interesting from that point of view.

But that new storyline though... if you're not surprised and excited by all the hints given in the last three pages, why are you even reading this series?

As usual, a couple of new background pages. I'm sure you're all dying to read about the Californian Land Slip and the Alars.

Finally, I've added a bit of extra stuff to the History index page.

And that's about it. Next updated planned for a week today, and I've already mostly finished the Strikeforce chapter for it so we're looking good here...


Update 70

by David Meadows 29. March 2020 19:54

There is no Game running at the moment (if you're reading this currently, you'll know why; if you're reading it in the future and don't know why, where have you been?

So freed of the need to prepare new material every week, I am devoting the time to documenting the old material. Which means I might have half a chance of keeping weekly web site update. I make no promises...

 This week's update sees a new Strikeforce chapter, New Beginning.

This marked some significant shifts in how I ran the Game, which I'll cover in detail in another post. But for now, I will just let the story speak for itself, as this chapter has Strikeforce trying to figure out their new status quo. Plus an epilogue you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS (trying to generate some hype there).

If you haven't been reading the story before, this might be a good starting point as there's a lot of recapping what's already happened.

There are the usual new encyclopaedia and history pages, but none of them are really significant, they are just there for completeness really. They are listed in the update box on the home page of the site.

I'll aim at next Sunday for the next update. I'm pretty sure I should be able to manage it.


Update 69

by David Meadows 1. December 2019 23:10

This week we are back with the Heroes story as we reach Issue 29: Maelstrom! James vs. a giant laser cannon. Who is your money on?

Supplementary pages this week include a biography of Special Agent Tom Smith , who you've almost certainly forgotten but that doesn't matter because he's deceased anyway; a gazetteer entry for Harrison County, which is entirely pointless; and an encyclopaedia entry on the DICE plasma weapons , which may or may not be interesting to read but was fun to write. Sometimes I wonder if my quest to document everything is really sensible.

There will be two skip weeks coming up, but I'll aim to do one more update before the end of the year, on 22 December.

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Update 68

by David Meadows 24. November 2019 21:52

This week we go back to the Altantis "prequel" story. In Chapter Three: The City our intrepid refugees finally reach the city of Kingsmount and ... well, you'll have to read it. Not much happens to be honest, they're just walking around and talking to people.

For those who wonder how this whole story is connected to Strikeforce, I can say that in this chapter you learn of one hugely significant link. I think I've made it obvious, but if not ... well, it doesn't matter, you still don't need to read the prequel to understand Strikeforce, and you don't need to know the link to understand Atlantis, they can be read completely independently.

The city of Kingsmount gets an entry (and a map!) in the gazetteer, and there's an encyclopaedia entry on Atlantean alchemy (which isn't terribly important, to be honest, but I felt like writing it).

That's all for this week. Hey, maps take a long time to draw you know!


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Update 67

by David Meadows 10. November 2019 20:19

The hotly anticipated new Strikeforce chapter is here ... and it doesn't feature any members of Strikeforce! What madness is this, you ask? Read Strikeforce chapter 28: Time Again for the answers. (Disclaimer: answers not guaranteed.)

And a short selection of background articles this week includes Fallen Star from the alternate future timeline, New Pittsburgh from the alternate future timeline, and the Star Guard (from the regular timeline).

Next week is a designated skip week, next update will be in two weeks and may or may not be another chapter of the Atlantis saga.

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Update 66

by David Meadows 3. November 2019 19:45

After a long delay, issue #28 of Heroes is ready: Down by the Sea.

It's part two of a two-part story, and if you can't remember part one is issue #27 (I wouldn't blame you, it's been nearly a year), you should read that first: Under the Boardwalk. (See what I did with those titles? Oh, never mind then).

This is one of my favourite issues, because it's a Chi-Yun story (though all the other characters get good bits) and I love writing for Chi-Yun.

The usual set of background articles this week include pieces on Sergeant George Deiten, Franklin Marks's House, the events of 4 September 1962, and the Brighter Media Group. As usual, these all have some relevance to the overall story (though not this actual issue), but if anyone can remember when and how they were introduced in the story, I'll be astonished.

Next update should be November 10th, and I'm fairly sure I'll hit the deadline.

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Update 65

by David Meadows 27. October 2019 21:54

After a long delay, I have added the first chapter of the Egyptian story. Supporting it, I have the set of articles covering important people, places, dates, and things featured in the story. The links are all in the sidebar on the Egyptian index page.


I know it's not at all obvious why a modern-day super-hero saga has a chapter set in ancient Egypt.

It started when I went back to the lost civilization of Atlantis, to tell a story that gave the origins of several things that played a big part in the Strikeforce story. A prequel, if you like.

Once I had done that, I realised I could trace these elements through the next 12,000 years of history, and interweave other elements that didn't stretch back as far Atlantis but still had origins in different historical eras.

The first of these new eras was ancient Egypt. I'm not going to list all the elements that link this era to Atlantis and/or modern times, that would be spoilers. It should become clearer in subsequent chapters and/or background articles.

This first chapter is a short introduction to the setting and the characters who will be your guides as these elements reveal themselves. And if I've written it well enough, I hope the story will be interesting in its own right even if you don't see the big picture. And if you're not interested in ancient Egypt, you can skip this entire section without affecting your understanding of the main Strikeforce story in any way.


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Update 64

by David Meadows 18. August 2019 22:45

This week I'm adding new places to the world Gazetteer. First, New Pittsburgh circa 2350 AD, which featured in the recent "back to the future" epic storyline. Second, Egypt circa 1450 BCE. And it has a map!

Astute readers may notice that Egypt has never featured in the story, let alone ancient Egypt at the time of the New Kingdom. Never fear, all will be made plain next week. Well, maybe not exactly plain, but at least you'll see why I wanted to included it now.

And that's all. I know two pages (and a map!) is pretty pathetic, but while I was looking at the gazetteer pages I realised that at some point I had changed my style sheet so everything was looking very inconsistent, and I'd changed my mind about how exactly to structure the information. So I've re-done every page to make it all look consistent and I think present the information more clearly.. You can go and (re-)read all the pages if you like, the index is here.

The pages are now tagged with the era they belong to, which I think will become more important as I start to document more different time periods, and I'll roll out this idea to biography and encyclopaedia pages too. I'm thinking that at some point I might want to colour code things, but that sounds a bit ambitious at the moment.

Anyway, that's too much waffling so I'll stop and let you go and read the new pages.

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Update 63

by David Meadows 11. August 2019 21:38

I know, it's months late, and I have no excuses, it's entirely my fault.

But, finally, I have written a new chapter of Strikeforce. Chapter 27: Red Alert (PDF) is now on line.

This is what, in comics, they call a "jumping on point": if you have never read any of the story before, this would be a good place to start. It's a self-contained chapter, not part of a long storyline (though inevitably it touches on several on-going sub-plots, because that's just the nature of serial fiction), and I've done my best to explain everything you need to know about Strikeforce in this chapter.

Of course, the entire story is on line anyway, so if you really are new then there's no reason why you couldn't just go back to the start and read the whole thing. But don't feel that you have to.

Anyway, that's it for this update. I would normally put up several supporting pages, but for now I'm just counting this one short chapter as a major victory. I'll try to get back to more chunky updates next time.

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