Update 72

by David Meadows 12. April 2020 19:35

Chapter 30 of Strikeforce introduces an important character to the universe (he's only ever going to appear twice more, but he's vital to the mythology, trust me). Plus: pirates! You really have to read By Hook or By Crook. Go on, it's quite short.

There's also a biography of Aberdeen Angus (bonus points if you can remember his appearance in the Heroes story) and a really short write-up of the 24th century police headquarters. Finally, part of the slowly progressing reorganisation of the history pages bring an overview of the important events of pre-history.


Update 71

by David Meadows 5. April 2020 15:20

This week's new story is issue #30 of Heroes: Dr Smithsteen's Casebook. It's a bit of a mix, because it finishes off one story (and you probably ought to re-read the first part in #29 because it's months since I published it) and then sets up another big storyline, and in between catches up on a long-running background plot (and if anybody knows why Suzi G's story is important you're doing better than me). But really it's not about the plot, it's a character study, and hopefully interesting from that point of view.

But that new storyline though... if you're not surprised and excited by all the hints given in the last three pages, why are you even reading this series?

As usual, a couple of new background pages. I'm sure you're all dying to read about the Californian Land Slip and the Alars.

Finally, I've added a bit of extra stuff to the History index page.

And that's about it. Next updated planned for a week today, and I've already mostly finished the Strikeforce chapter for it so we're looking good here...


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